If you are thinking about creating an ecommerce website or have already built an ecommerce website, then it is important to take into account the necessities. Over 40% of online users enjoy buying their products online and that number is expected to rise significantly over the next several years. With such a competitive market out there, it is important that your website contains some of those essential qualities that makes an ecommerce site so successful. Here is a list of 10 must haves for your ecommerce website.

1. Clear Logo

Think about some of your favorite products and services on the web. What do they all have in common? Good branding and a clear logo! Consider this the new business card of the 21st century. A recognizable logo for you ecommerce business will help create trust to your customers. Consider designing a clear and captivating logo before putting your company online.

2. Add To Cart Button

It is crucial for any ecommerce website to make buying products as simple and painless as possible. Ensure your add-to-cart is clearly visible on product pages and easy to use.

3. Ability to Create Wish Lists

Having a wish list on your site gives visitors a reason to look through your product selection and find items that they would like to buy in the future. There may be a number of reasons why a person may not buy your product right away, which why it is all the more important that they have opportunity to buy from you at a later date. Also, to create a wish list, a visitor will have to create an account on your website, which is the perfect way to get their email address for creating a marketing email list.

4. Create Deals such as Discounts, Giveaways or Free Shipping

Remember, you are dealing in a competitive market and you are often competing with big household names when it comes to selling your product. It is important to give your site visitors an incentive to buy a product directly from you and not some larger company. Creating good deals and advertising those deals on the homepage will give online shoppers that incentive to buy from you!

5. An Easy Checkout Process

A complicated checkout process is a quick way to make potential customers leave your site. As mentioned, most online visitors want a simple shopping experience with no hassle, so give that to them.

6. Promote Products & Recent News

Got a new shipment in? Is there a particular product that you want to promote? Have you got a sale or special promotion going on? Then let your website visitors know all about it and what better place than the homepage of your site. Similarly, you can have an opt in on your site for a newsletter that you can send out that will highlight your most recent news and promotions.

7. Payment Systems Icons

It is important to know that your customers may be visiting your website from around the world and each have their preferred payment method. Most online stores commonly use credit cards, debit cards, gift vouchers, PayPal, etc, as their main payment system. It is important for you ecommerce site to host a variety of payment options and to ensure those icons are clearly visible on both the bottom of the pages and of course the checkout page.

8.  Links To Social Media

Not only does having social media accounts for your business allow you to self-promote by sharing news or special deals, but it is also allows you to build up a loyal customer list that can help promote your products and company to their friends and family. Be sure to add links, such as social media icons on the homepage, that connects buyers and visitors to these accounts.

9. Phone Numbers, Inquiry Forms & Live Chats

Having various methods of communication between you and the buyer is vital for good customer relations. This can simply be achieved by adding a customer support number and an inquiry form to your website. If possible, consider having a live chat on your website as well. Remember that most online customers don’t have time to wait around for an answer, so try and provide them with 24/7 support and a quick method to get in touch with you or someone from you company.

10. No Hidden Expenses

Hidden costs are definitely not the way to go with any business, especially with one that wants to build a loyal customer base. Hidden costs only lead to frustrated customers and often negative feedback. If there are any other costs involved with a purchase, you need to make sure you present it to your customers in a manner that is easy to see.

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