Search engine optimization is not just about keywords. There are many other things that can boost your website’s page rank on Google which most people don’t know about. Here are three SEO tips that are entirely unrelated to keywords.

Share, Share, Share – And Make Sure Other Do, Too

Did you know that sharing your web pages on social media increases their SEO rank? This is because Google values web pages that are popular, and the more a web page gets shared on social media, the more popular it is. Especially important is having a Facebook page for your website or business, sharing posts on Twitter, and sharing your posts on Google Plus (because Google Plus is owned by Google, sharing posts on it can also lead to faster indexing). Also, install social buttons on your website (via a WordPress plugin) and encourage your visitors to share your posts.

Encourage Discussions

The more comments you get on your blog posts, the higher its page rank will be. Comments not only serve as extra content, they also show Google that your blog post is interesting and popular. Remember, Google is a website, and they want their visitors to have a most pleasant experience – so they only bring up content they think is interesting.

Speed Up Your Loading Times

Clicking on a website and waiting 20 seconds for it to load is not fun. Not only does it turn people away, it turns Google away, too! Make sure it takes less than 10 seconds, maximum, for your website to load. Speed it up by uninstalling unnecessary plugins and deleting excessive imagery and videos.

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