There are many things that are necessary for a search engine optimization campaign to be successful. However, there are some practices that should not be employed, though many people still engage in them, based on outdated and irrelevant information. Here are three common SEO mistakes.

Focusing Too Much On Keywords

Keywords are important, but there is much more to SEO than keywords. The importance of keywords has been diminished over the past few years, and the value of content has gone up. So keep your keywords, but make sure to produce quality content, which includes useful and easy to read information, images, and if applicable, videos.

Focusing Too Little on Keywords

Although keywords are not as important as they once were, they are still important, and not focusing on keywords, or not doing adequate keyword research, will not bring you success. You still have to do keyword research, using a tool that will let you know how many searches a keyword receives and its competition. You should then use these keywords, but not more than a few times per article.

Focusing on Link Building

Link building is an outdated practice that, today, is as useful as screaming at your computer in an effort to get your website ranked. Quality links can help, but the days of setting up mammoth “link” websites to link to hundreds of other websites are over. The same goes for submitting articles to article directories. It is simply a waste of time. Link building can also hurt your website in the long run, as Google tends to penalize those that engage in such practices.
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