Here are 7 tips to keep those visitors around:

Make Sure You Are Relevant If you are targeting a certain keyword and using it in your title and meta tags make sure your webpage is exactly what a search engine visitor is looking for. It doesn’t matter if you rank #1 in Google for the term “car insurance” if when someone gets to your site all they find are pictures of scooters. People will bounce from your site like it’s a rubber wall if they can’t find relevant information on it. This is why you should only target one keyword per page or blog post.

Get Rid Of External Links On Your Homepage: For those affiliate marketers out there it’s tempting to want to put a big huge affiliate link at the top of your page. The more people that click on it the more sales you can make, right? While this may be true it is just hurting your bounce rate even more, and this ultimately will hurt your rankings. Instead, link to a review post you made about this affiliate product. Make them dig a little deeper and read more of your site before you push them out the door. After all, you want to make a lasting impression so they come back again sometime, don’t you?

Offer Relevant Internal Links To Related Pages: There’s that word relevant again. Seeing a theme here? People are busier than ever, and they don’t have time to waste on your site. By offering them related posts on that specific subject you are able to keep them reading your content. And the longer they stay on your site the more you are building trust and the more likely they are to turn into your customer. You want an informed buyer anyway, so make it easy for them to find those related articles and videos and you will have them putting their feet up and staying a while longer.

Encourage Interaction: If you make someone want to leave a comment or take a poll, you will are getting them to interact with your site. The more people interact with you the longer they will stick around. This is what makes forums so popular. You may not want to setup a forum on your site, but use the same principles that make a forum successful and make it easy for your readers to interact with you. And make sure you always get back to them as well so they know their efforts were not unrewarded. You can have a question/answer section or just ask for opinions in every post you write to encourage this interaction.

Stop Being Boring You might have the most boring topic to write about in all the world, but it’s your job to make it interesting. Whether that means using a crazy picture to get your reader’s attention or telling a story, it’s up to you to keep your traffic entertained. Writing about a boring topic in an interesting way will keep that visitor coming back for more later too, so this alone can increase your traffic levels.

Make Sure Your Content Is Easy To Follow:. There’s nothing worse than an article that tries to explain something and ends up just confusing you even more. Make sure that your articles are easy to read, have clarity of thought, and are laid out in a way that is logical. Even your navigation should make sense. Make sure your subpages are under the right categories and the different sections of your site are easy to locate. Easy navigation means a visitor is more likely to explore the different nooks and crannies on your site and this means they are staying longer too.

Use Video Like It’s Going Out Of Style: We all love videos don’t we? If a short 5 minute video can answer a hard question we have, it will be well worth our time. The great thing about using videos on your website is that it means a visitor will be staying on that page longer to view it. Someone might browse right through an article in 20 seconds, but a 5 minute video will take 5 minutes to watch. Complicated, I know. Have a section of your site that is dedicated to video and link to that page from your homepage. Then all you have to do is make your visitors feel at home.

When you think about it, the things you need to do to your website to make people stay longer, are the same things you do at home to keep friends from leaving in a hurry. You should interact with them, talk about things that interest them (relevancy), entertain them, and maybe even watch a few videos. Just don’t show them your vacation photos from the summer of 1995.

These 7 tips should help give you a good start at keeping traffic on your site engaged and coming back for more. But these are not the only things you should be doing, so keep a close eye on your analytics and find what works and what doesn’t as you try to keep your visitors on your site for as long as possible.