As your business becomes more and more successful, it is important to keep on top of your social accounts. However, it’s very easy for many business owners and marketing reps to not be consistent with their social media posting. Having a lack of social media presence can be bad for business, but also spending too much time updating your social accounts will shift the focus away from your other priorities. Fortunately, Buffer has a unique solution to this problem. Buffer is social media management app that allows you to manage all your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) from one simple dashboard. You will be able to create new posts, then set a time and date on when you want said posts to be posted and on which social accounts. This schedule can also be completely edited throughout the week, incase you wish to remove, edit, or add new posts. Buffer also offers a browser extension, so you can easily customize your posts for each social network and share to multiple profiles at once. And best of all, Buffer comes with streamlined analytics which will allow you to not only see what posts are performing better, but also which social media platform is performing better.

Be sure to visit their website and try out this great app for free:

If you would like you would like to connect your WordPress publishing to the Buffer app, so that new or updated pages and posts on your WordPress site can be scheduled for social media postings automatically, then be sure to download the WordPress to Buffer plugin: