b2b diseño web

What’s becoming the most effective method in B2B web design? While business to business websites used to be much more buttoned down, you might be surprised at what these sites are doing recently. In the last year, trends have placed more extensive emphasis on graphics and an eye-catching animation process to capture the attention of other businesses. But that shouldn’t surprise anybody in a time when websites are turning much more into visual tools than a place to read long-winded text.

Standout Images are Very Popular

It used to be that a large image on your website would be considered too obtrusive in place of vital information. Now, big and bold images are being used more often to grab someone’s eye. When you land on the first page of a website, you want to know everything about what the website has to offer. A large image conveying that without using too many words will make a visitor stick around rather than give you a bounce.

Large and Bold Fonts

Along with the larger images, a catchphrase or slogan representing a business is now being conveyed in large and bold text. While that might appear to be ostentatious at first, it doesn’t necessarily have to feel that way if the words used are compelling. Certain words can also be done in particular colors so they’ll stand out over other text to provide a psychological response when people see it on their desktops or mobile devices.

More Sophisticated Graphics

Things like vector graphics are providing a more 3D-like experience in promoting products on a website’s main page. And the same use of that style is starting to be used in infographics that you see popping up everywhere. With these, you convey eye-popping graphics while providing interesting or educative information.

Infographics with pertinent information are also becoming very shareable on the net. They can help you gain more visitors to your site when other people start sharing that infographic on social media.

What Type of Animation is Being Used?

The trend now seems to be scrolling animation in the header portion of the page and without too much flashiness. Speaking of flash, Flash animation isn’t being used as much as it used to be. Animation from programming languages like HTML5 are becoming more prominent and easier to use.

Animation could certainly change in how much it’s used over the next couple of years. With gamification even starting to pop up in B2B website designs, animation might have more glitter later. It’s all part of an attention-getting style that’s happening in a time when having visual fun on business websites is becoming more than acceptable.

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