B2B web design always needs to convey a company’s brand as clearly as possible to attract another business’s attention. While that’s easier said sometimes than done, other elements of web design can help that along. Your main goal is get another business to your site, understand what you have, and bring on a quick sale. You should also try to nurture a customer relationship that can be done implementing a few communication tools.

The Trend Toward Using Larger Images

According to American Express’s Open Forum, B2B sites were actively employing large images in their web designs last year. While that might seem like an ostentatious web design trick, you can see why it’s caught on. A large, high-definition image shows a product or numerous products a company offers without any confusion. Nothing can entice a sale more than a quality image showing every detail of a beautifully-designed product.

Using this as the header on your main page can show that you’re giving your B2B customer a warm greeting rather than appearing to hide something. This goes along with the basic trend toward using large background images that fill up an entire 16×9 monitor.

Enlarging Fonts

Along with giant images also comes the growing size of unique fonts with bright colors. The philosophy behind this idea helps a web page appear as if it came from a printing press rather than digital. A website that pops out with vibrancy is what gets attention now, which may explain why flat web design is having a major renaissance.

When using large text, it’s common to see one phrase that encapsulates the entire philosophy of a company. Some companies do that with just one to three words. Another business buying from you will appreciate your ability to be economical in web design while still making a brief, meaningful statement.

Interactive Features

With personalisation being a major factor in all business relationships, you shouldn’t hesitate to include interactive features on your B2B site. This might include a chat room where a customer would be able to gain real-time information on a particular product you’re selling. With a live representative from your company, you can connect and make a lifelong B2B customer.

Also consider designing a message board as a place for industry discussion. While this might require hiring an administrator to keep spammers out, business industry boards aren’t going to have the internal fighting that boards about celebrities and entertainment do.

Here at U22, we can bring this type of design to your own B2B business. It’s only part of what can conceivably be done. Everything from infographics to animation can be employed in ways that give quick information about your product to the companies that matter.

Contact us so we can get started on your B2B design. Located in Costa Rica, we’re an outsourcing web design company that keeps on top of the latest trends while also providing custom designs to reflect your brand.