costa rica parallax web design

One of the coolest ways to present your website content is with a technique called parallax scrolling which has its roots in 2D video games. This has the effect of creating a 2D illusion of depth, which, if done right can add to the feeling of immersion visitors get and allows for some interesting visual effects. Parallax design gives websites a great opportunity to incorporate countless creative applications for online storytelling and visitor engagement. Here are some of the top reasons to use Parallax scrolling techniques on your next web site project.

Keeps Site Size Down – A parallax site is the same thing as a long-scroll site. In other words, most of the information is going to be on one single page rather than multiple pages with connecting navigation. In the past, keeping the important information “above the fold” was key to visitor engagement, but that’s no longer the case. Complicated navigation leading from one section of the site to the other was the order of the day. Now that more people use mobile devices, which are almost always long-scrolling, this is not only unnecessary, but it’s outdated and ineffective. Rather than expecting visitors to click through to the next page, keeping all the information on one page is much more convenient.

Grabs and Holds Attention – When someone clicks on your site, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab their attention or they’ll be on the way to the next site quick as can be. Layered, animated pages give the illusion of depth and create a viewer experience never seen in flat web page design. It brings the familiar video game format into the website with the background imagery moving slowly while the foreground images move at a faster rate. This works especially well for sites that are image intensive rather than full on text sites but it can be used in either situation quite effectively.

Encourages Longer Visits – Parallax scrolling allows web designers to approach the process of creating a web site in a whole new way. It’s easier to guide visitors through the page from one point to the other using this technique. Much easier, in fact that it is to guide visitors through an entire site using traditional navigation. As an added benefit, it encourages visitors to stay on the page longer each time they visit.

Peaks Visitors Curiosity – What’s coming up next? That’s the question that should be on the minds of every visitor to your site. The element of surprise, the anticipation of the next bit of information or the next awesome graphic – that’s what people are looking for. Boring, long blocks of text formatted in a static, predictable way don’t encourage curiosity, they have the opposite effect.

Makes Calls To Action More Direct – Instead of waiting until the bottom of the page to incorporate a compelling call to action, parallax scrolling techniques can incorporate more direct calls to action at different stages. The more times a visitor is exposed to the command to sign up for a newsletter, get more information or become a member, the more likely they are to take the action you want them to take.

Despite all the benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks of a single page web design. First, page load times can increase, especially if it’s graphic heavy. Secondly, SEO can suffer dramatically. Think about this, with one page there is only one URL, one set of keywords, one h1tag, one set of meta-information and no internal page links.

If you’d like to find out more about parallax scrolling or any website design technique, contact us. We’re experts in the field and we have a lot of interesting tricks up our sleeves that we would love to tell you about.