Though video headers are nothing new, they are becoming increasingly trendy in the web design and development world as we enter 2018. So much so that many companies are adopting the technology for upcoming projects. Over the years, WordPress has made it much simpler to add background videos thanks to new themes and plugins that allow you to include multimedia on the homepage. Videos that are featured on websites tend to stand out more than static images and encourage site users to explore the website further. For this blog, we look at four outstanding uses of background video headers on websites, and give mention to some background videos for websites that we designed ourselves.

Charly Zenger

Heralding from Switzerland, Charly Zenger have created luxury jewelry and watches since 1944. For their website, they wanted to showcase some of their work in a captivating video called ‘The Promise’ which focuses on love and connection. On their homepage, a snippet of their short-film plays on a loop with the option to watch the video in its entirety below. A menu bar can be seen in the top right of the homepage, which you will also notice has some virtual reality features and stunning contrasts in colouration. Overall, the website is extremely well made, bar some small problems with the mouse cursor. However, it looks like the website is not 100% complete, so there is plenty of time to make some changes:

Tao Tajima

Possibly one of the most creative and captivating uses of video content I have seen in web design. This website showcases the work of Tao Tajima, a director and filmmaker from the Tokyo visual design studio Tangram. What makes this particular website stand out is the level of creativity and interactiveness that went into the design. Usually a website will feature only one short video on the homepage and no more. However, that is not the case with  Tao Tajima, who boasts 12 snippets of videos on his website that can be easily scrolled through with the scroller on your mouse. It also manages to combine stunning visual effects throughout. It’s easy for users to become hooked on this site and lose track of time. And for those that favor the more traditional layout, then simply click on the menu icon located on the left hand side. Overall, a stunning piece of work to say the least:

Nike Cortez 45th Anniversary

Used as a special activation for AW LAB, this specific page celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Nike Cortez: the first track shoe created by Nike in 1972. Upon arrival, you may notice no multimedia at all. However, if you hover the mouse over one of the decades featured on the screen, you will notice a short second long video appears, similar to a GIF, of a woman dressed in Nike clothes from different eras (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, respectively). Clicking on one of the videos will give you some details of the Nike Cortez during the respective decade. Though not a traditional background video, it still showcases how multimedia can be used interactively and in different ways:


Based in Belgium, Nove is an advisory agency in public affairs and communication whose goal is to guide businesses in their interactions with the European institutions and relevant stakeholders. This website gets an honourable mention due to its excellent choice of video and links which is featured on the homescreen. Often the problem with full sized homepage videos is where to put the menu items, such services, contact us, etc. Nove has found a creative solution by adding their most relevant links on a simple lined grid. That gives you easy access to their other pages without interrupting the background video. It also features some stunning static images throughout the website:

At Unidad22, we have been fortunate enough to include videos for some of our website projects, including RR Escapes and the Best Western: Tamarindo Vista Villas. If video or multimedia is something that you want to consider for your website, then be sure to contact us.