To keep your customers interested in your company and its products and services, you must engage them socially. You can do this as part of your web design strategy by writing blog posts regularly at least once a week, if not more often. Use the following tips to make your posts more effective.

Consider your audience. Don’t write about what you find interesting. Write about what your audience wants to know. This means you have to know your customer preferences and how they can use what you offer. Your posting must add value to their lives or it isn’t worth putting on your blog.

Keep it short. Your customers are busy people. While they’re interested in what you have to say, they don’t have all day to hear you say it. Make your posts about 250 to 300 words long. If you have to go beyond 500 words, break your writing up into two posts instead of one.

Break it up. A post consisting of one solid block of test is not inviting to read. Divide your writing into multiple paragraphs, preferably with headings. If you need to mention a list of three or more items, use bulleted lists if their order not important, or numbered list to show importance or a procedure.

Add pictures. Images can eliminate the need for too many words by showing rather than telling. You must have the rights to post any images, which means taking them yourself, hiring someone to take them for you, or obtaining royalty-free photos from Google or stock photo agencies. Don’t forget to explain what’s going on in the photo using your text.

If you’d like more information on how to socially engage your customer through your website, please contact us.