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Outsourcing your web design has a stream of benefits that might not be readily noticeable to you, but can be proven with research. Here at Unidad22, we’re an outsourcing web design firm in Costa Rica that can prove our credentials through our work with top companies and state-of-the-art designs. Regardless, we want you to know what needs to be done to make outsourcing work well. Much of that comes in the communication methods both sides need to employ.

The Best Methods of Communication

For those that live in the United States, keep in mind that the time difference with Costa Rica isn’t all that great when compared to outsourcing with other countries. In fact, we’re only two hours behind the Pacific time zone of the U.S., which can make for easy communication. But what about other countries and working out communication there? If you want live communication, you’d have to pick a designated time somewhere in the middle when you’re both awake and lucid.

Live communication is obviously going to be the best solution. And this can be solved easily using Skype or another video phone service. However, it’s what you discuss that makes all the difference in how successful your outsourcing is.

Making Your Design Ideas Clear

We’ve had plenty of experience working with top companies and translating ideas from afar. It still can be a challenge, though, when a company isn’t clear enough in their communications. Considering ideas have to sometimes be translated in emails if live communication is impossible, those who outsource should make special effort to convey things as clearly as possible.

That’s why video conferencing is always the best way in outsourcing so the designer can see some visual evidence of what needs to be done. On the designer end, offering as many of these communication methods as possible to the client also helps the business relationship work without needing to meet face to face.

Here at U22, we’re happy to do a video interview with you so we can guarantee our trust. Plus, you can be sure we’ll have as many ways to communicate with us as possible so you’ll never have a question or concern unanswered.

Contact us if you want to arrange an interview. We’ll be glad to show you examples of our work and how personalised our services are to ensure you a web design that gets attention.