Just as online businesses have become increasingly popular in the last several years, so has the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) to administer commercial and other websites. W3techs reports that 34.4 percent of the top 10 million websites use CMS. And according to ABC27.com, CMS use is expected to increase by 12.87 percent between 2012 and 2016. CMS greatly simplifies day-to-day website operations, especially if there are frequent updates. If a commercial website is being developed, there are many CMS packages that come with e-Commerce solutions built right in.

Ease of Use

CMS allows non-technical users to edit the website without the need of coding or programing skills. In most CMS you simply log onto the control panel and use a menu-based interface to make changes. This makes it easy to perform daily updates and changes, either to one page or across the entire site. The way the website content is displayed is also easy to control and rearrange.

Time and Money Savings

The administration control panel is operated from within a web browser. The overall website design is preserved and remains consistent while content is being changed and rearranged. There is no need for an IT staff. Basic computer and word processing experience is sufficient for administration. Knowledge of HTML is helpful but not necessary.

Increased Traffic

  1. Frequent updates help Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by showing that the website is active.
  2. Many CMS packages have built-in SEO enhancement. Many plugins are also available to improve SEO.
  3. Easy integration with social media platforms helps to enhance awareness and spread information.
  4. Interactivity lets users easily find the content they desire, allowing for more concise and intuitive page layouts.
  5. An interesting weekly blog to inform and update visitors will keep them coming back to see the latest developments.

Expandable and Easy to Change

Changing the design of the website is performed through the design template. The design change cascades across the entire website without affecting the content. As the website grows, it is easy to add features, and to change and rearrange content and pages wherever desired without affecting other areas of the website.

Individualized User Experience

The content presented to each user can be targeted based on his or her previous visits by the use of cookies.

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