Finding the right people to work within your company, where you can evaluate their performance based on your own expertise, is hard enough. Finding outsiders to do your web development is even harder. Unless you happen to be a techie yourself, you probably view the inner workings of the World Wide Web as somewhat daunting and mysterious. So how can you begin to evaluate who’s a good fit to do your web design? Here are a few pointers.

You shouldn’t have a sense that your prospective web design agency views you as, how to put it politely, inferior. There is an unfortunate perception among some web consultants that their clients just don’t get it; that if they’d just shut up and let the experts “do their thing”, all will be well. You’re the expert in your line of business. The techies are the newbies. No matter how much geek-speak they fling about, you’re the arbiter on what does or doesn’t fly.

Your web developers shouldn’t come at bargain basement prices. Web development is intrinsically labor intensive and, by default, pricey. An agency that’s willing to undercut other bids to get your business is also willing to fail.

Your web developers should be content with nothing less than perfection every step of the way. If they show you a demo site that’s sloppy and error-ridden, that’s good enough reason to terminate the relationship before it goes any farther. Such an option should be included in your contract.

Once your site is up and running, your web developers should offer full and ongoing support. There’s a plethora of web assessment tools available on the Net. If you’re so inclined, they can guide you as to which ones to choose and how to use them. That way you can interface with each other to improve your site’s performance.

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