E-commerce web design is one that has to ultimately pay attention to the consumer frame of mind rather than creating bells and whistles for the sake of looking unique. While you can still provide creativity, you need a certain structure that makes it easy for consumers to navigate your site. Certain key elements need to be paid attention to so there won’t be any confusion or frustration in finding, seeing and ultimately buying something from your site.

The Importance of the Search Bar

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor mentions the importance of making an easy-to-find search bar on your main page. That’s because not everyone is going to come to your website with an immediate idea of what they want to buy. Plus, they may care less about the hot products you’re featuring on your main page. Some people want to buy something obscure, and a search box that’s visible in the upper central part of the screen is essential. While some sites make their search bars small, take a hint from Amazon.com and make yours larger.

Proper Photos and Product Overview

All shoppers want to see proper photos of the product, and the more detailed they are, the better. In fact, using a 3D or 360 effect for the item can give a virtual experience of viewing it in person. It also helps to have a model wearing clothing items so consumers can get a general idea of how it looks when worn.

Don’t forget that adding a product overview is just as important. While this may be obvious, not all online stores provide enough product description for consumers. Provide everything you’d want to know if buying the same product.

Shopping Cart Options

While consumers shop on your site, you want to keep them informed of what they’re about to purchase while shopping. The best option is to display the shopping cart every time they purchase an item so they can keep tabs on what they’ve bought as well as spent. Keeping a shopping cart hidden can frustrate a customer, especially if you tack on extra fees they discover during checkout. Keep your customers aware of what they’ll be spending and you likely won’t hear any complaints.

A Simplified Checkout

Once a consumer finally goes through checkout, make it as simple of a process as possible. Requiring protracted steps might have to be necessary sometimes, though it’s better to streamline it into a one-click process. Amazon.com designed the one-click checkout method years ago to make purchases much easier. While this works based on existing customers who already have a credit card account, it doesn’t hurt to give Amazon.com flattery and imitate them.

In addition to the above, don’t underestimate the importance of placing clear contact information on all your pages, including phone number. Far too many e-commerce sites still don’t provide clear enough contact information. You want your customers to easily reach a customer service rep in the event an order goes wrong.

Here at U22, we can implement all of these e-commerce ideas and more for your retail site. Even though we’re an outsourcing web design firm in Costa Rica, we listen carefully and apply exactly what you want with consumer needs in mind.

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