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Navigation is one of the most important elements of eCommerce web design. If your target audience can’t orient themselves on your website, they won’t be able to place any orders or learn more about your company.

There’s a surprisingly simple solution for websites that have a complicated layout: add a navigation bar. It’s not the most thrilling component of web design, but it can improve your website’s functionality greatly.

One mistake that we’ve been noticing as of late is companies trying to decorate their navigation bar. There are a lot of chances to use your creativity in web design, and placing your navigation bar is not one of them.

A recent Forbes article explains why you should place your navigation bar where it’s easy to find:

People intuitively look to certain spaces on a website for this, almost always at the header or on either side. Some websites try to get creative and “hide” their nav bar or have it swimming all over the place. Don’t do that. Usability and convenience always trumps creativity. This can be especially true with niche industries where your customers aren’t usually at your site to entertain themselves.

It all comes down to functionality and design. As important as creativity is, your website’s functionality will always be more important. Well-designed websites can only succeed if they’re easy-to-navigate.

So what good is a creatively placed navigation bar if users can’t find it? Not much. Your navigation bar plays an important role in your website’s functionality and user experience.

We love it when businesses want to feature a creative web design on their website. But there are some aspects of web design that you should remain conservative on, and placing your navigation bar is one of them.

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