diseño web - web design

One size seldom, if ever, fits all. This maxim holds true especially in the current Internet environment. With millions web of sites coming and going every week, and many more having become obsolete as newer technology evolves and search engine algorithms change, effective web design is more important than ever.

Every person who uses the World Wide Web is unique although, for the sake of targeting specific audiences, demographic categories have evolved. Savvy website owners understand that the convenience of categorizing users with labels such as “single women,” “over 50s,” “frugal shoppers,” “geeks,” “go-getters,” or “up-and-coming” does not outweigh the importance of appreciating the subtle and not-so-subtle differences of the people who visit their sites.

Before you can target the needs of specific people who visit your website, you absolutely must know who they are and define their interests. Most sites out there jump to conclusions, assuming their users are looking for this product, that solution, or a combination of items previously asked for by others.

For example, if many brides have come to your site looking for trendy wedding fashions and accessories, you might go on a manhunt — in this case a woman hunt — for the newest and best in wedding design. But what about all those brides-to-be out there who are more traditional, or totally non-traditional? What about the woman who is over 50, 60, or even more, finally deciding to tie the knot for the second, third, or even first time? Does your site have content that takes their preferences into consideration?

A great website keeps an open mind about who their customers are and what they are looking for. They use tools such as Google Analytics, surveys, and other web services to learn more about where site visitors are coming from, their geographical location, and their specific profiles. Then they create content that caters to these individuals. Doing so might mean varying the tone of posts from time to time. It might mean doing research on various ethnicities or cultures if called for. It might also mean making data on a site more accessible to those with hearing or visual difficulties.

In short, it might mean taking time to reevaluate your site as a whole to see if the design fits the needs of all the potential users. Doing so might mean seeking the advice of an experienced team of professionals.

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