Five Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring a Web Development Company

The Internet is the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs everywhere. However, some entrepreneurs view this opportunity as a chance to exploit others or to learn a new trade, such as web development, at the expense of their clients. How can you determine if a web designer is legitimate? To start, you will want to interview them in person if they are local, and by phone if they are not. Here are five red flags to watch for:

  • No contact phone number on their website. A developer that will only communicate via email or chat is hiding something. Perhaps he’s worried his parents will answer the phone. Another possibility is he considers a business phone number not worth the expense. There are many possible reasons for this and they’re all bad. If the web developer is in your locality, he should also be willing to meet with you.
  • They have no website. If their business is building professional websites for other businesses, there is no excuse for not developing one for themselves. After all, it’s a chance for them to demonstrate what they can do.
  • They don’t do customization work. These people likely build WordPress sites using themes and plugins they purchased or perhaps downloaded for free. While setting up websites this way is legitimate provided they are up front about it, they can’t call themselves web developers or charge the same fees of a true developer. They are simply people with experience setting up “out of the box” WordPress sites.
  • They get defensive about your asking too many questions. You are the client and have a right to know what to expect from them and when. You also have a right to vet them as being suitable for your business.
  • They don’t ask many questions. This is a sign that they either want to do their own thing, or put out a cookie cutter website that is convenient for them. They should ask you many questions in order to learn about your exact requirements and your business needs. Good web developers will even bring up considerations you might have overlooked.

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