Web design keeps evolving for the better, and sometimes it suddenly goes backwards to take on more of the basics. Nowhere can you say that more than with flat web design where all of the effects we’re used to seeing on websites are eliminated for a simple 2D user interface and a focus on content. It’s a clean design that many people are appreciating again after years of design development in making websites look amazing.

If you’re interested in going back to the basics with flat web design, what’s the best way to make it look appealing to those looking in? We can probably learn a lot from Windows 8, which is where the flat web design renaissance came from.

Is Flat Design Really Flat?

Some people might think flat design is truly old school design when it’s really just new techniques making things look basic. However you choose to define flat web design, you should ask yourself if your business really needs that look on your website. Does it fit your style and does it test well with a surveyed audience?

For some eyes, it’s going to be a much more pleasant experience because it helps enhance specific colors. Your only problems are finding ways to show where links are and structuring the site to make it look interesting to the eye.

Using Text as Your Structural Guide

Since you won’t be using more elaborate graphics to help give structure to your site, text font styles can be used to help people navigate to certain sections. Going this route helps in determining what to click to take people to other pages. You can do this on your main menu where the variety of text styles can provide the style angle you need. Plus, putting the text in boxes helps isolate each section so it doesn’t blend into the flat background.

Using Color to Enhance the Aesthetic

As mentioned earlier, color generally stands out more in flat design. That said, if you want bright colors to stand out more, it’s best to place them on a dark background. In fact, Honkiat.com recommends retro colors as a perfect choice in flat designs. That’s because they lend well to an old fashioned aesthetic that the eye is used to assimilating.

Generally, some of the best colors are turquoise, orange, dark reds, amethyst (purple), and white or grayish tones.

Graphics and Icons

Sometimes you can find free flat design graphics and icons online to employ on your site. Even flat versions of famous icons like Firefox and Chrome are available for use. However, you’ll have to use these as decorative parts of your site rather than direct links as they usually are on standard designs. An expert web designer can help design flat graphics that match up with your color scheme and backgrounds. But you’ll also have to rely more heavily on content to really make a flat design look appealing without boring your audience.

The Importance of Content

Content isn’t always focused on enough when it comes to making a website interesting. It’s even more imperative with flat design. That content can be conveyed through text itself and providing something compelling that isn’t available anywhere else. Many businesses have stories to tell that can be integrated as part of the design, especially through font styles and strategic placement.

Here at U22, we’re happy to create a flat web design for you if you want it. It’s a challenge that we gladly take on every day to help make a site look as unique as possible.

Contact us and we’ll start working with you on design ideas. Located in Costa Rica, we’re an outsourced web design firm with strong credentials in high quality designs for major companies.