diseño web - web design

You may think that web design only involves describing your company, its services and its product offerings on the Internet. But that presumes that the Internet is a broadcast or advertising medium, such as newspapers or television, where information only flows from the business to the user. In fact, a good website is a medium of communication, where information flows freely to and from the business and the customer. The only way your site can allow such an effective interchange is to make sure it’s about the user and not about you.

First, start by identifying the audience of your design. What are their ages, genders, educational background, income levels and family situations? How and where do they work? What do they want to get out of life? What makes them happy, sad, fulfilled, or empty? What problems do they have?

Then, you must create a site that tries to solve your users’ problems. Your pages shouldn’t emphasize your products and services. Rather, they should discuss the issues that face your users and offer answers for solving those issues. If you can include your company’s offerings as part of the solution, so much the better. But don’t make your company be the only answer.

For example, if you sell a liquid that removes stains from clothes, don’t talk about the effectiveness of the chemicals in your product. Instead, discuss common stains on clothes, such as mud from when kids play in the dirt. Then offer tips for removing the stains, starting with presoaking the shirt to loosen the dirt, applying a stain-removing liquid such as your product, and then handwashing and scrubbing the affected area.

Finally, make sure that the articles or posts that you put on your site have comment boxes so users can respond in writing to what you put out. Try to respond to your commenters within a reasonable amount of time, say, 24 hours. Doing so tells your audience that you’re listening and willing to help them out, which improves your credibility.

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