On Wednesday, Google announced that they would be stripping the minimalist approach of their current app in favor of a social media-inspired newsfeed. Google for IOS and Android will now show a newsfeed that contains personalized links about news, hobbies, travel, sports, and other topics, before you enter a search term. The Google Feed, as it is named, should put it in direct competition of other social media platforms such as Facebook, who have a similar newsfeed. North America has received the update immediately, with the rest of the world seeing the new redesign in the coming weeks.

The personalized Google Feed will be based on a combination of your own interactions with Google and trends from around the world. What’s more is that you will have the option to follow interesting topics you come across and add it to your personalized feed. Beyond putting the Google Feed on mobile apps, Google VP Engineering, Shashi Thaku, has suggested that they are looking into attaching it to web browsers in some form.