If you’re thinking about designing a website, then a phrase you’re going to hear a lot is search engine optimization (or SEO for short). An absolute necessity for getting more traffic to come to your website, SEO is a strategy used to get a website onto the first page of search results.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Let’s begin at the beginning. When someone types terms into a search engine and hits “enter,” that search engine shoots across the entire Internet to bring back results. That means any website with keywords that appear in the search, or which are related to those search terms, get put in a big, virtual bucket. The search engine then uses an algorithm to sort those results, putting them in order from best to worst. The best results will have appropriate keywords, the right page tags, they’ll be mobile-friendly, etc. The better a result matches with the checklist contained in the algorithm, the closer it is to the number one spot in the search results.

SEO, in a nut shell, is making sure that your website matches the criteria search engines are looking for. It means choosing the right keywords, and using them the proper number of times on your page to get noticed. It means using an engaging title, making sure your page is mobile-friendly, and that it’s backlinked on other pages as a way to show how popular it is. Ideally, if you follow the checklist, the search engine will decide your page is one of the better ones, and stick you on the first page of search results.

Constantly Shifting Criteria

Search engine optimization sounds easy, but the rules on how it works are constantly changing. Google, one of the trend-setters for SEO, can make decisions that overnight will take you from page one to page ten on search results. That’s why, while SEO is an important way to get more traffic to your site, it takes an expert to keep your page on top.

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