responsive web design costa rica

We know that responsive design is good for SEO and mobile devices, but we rarely talk about what customer will think of it. After all, responsive design is supposed to improve the entire web page experience, which certainly has a large impact on viewers.

With responsive design, the entire browsing experience is much better. Whether being viewed from a mobile device or desktop, web pages are just better presented and organized. A recentSmall Biz Trends article goes as far to say that responsive design improves customer satisfaction since the web experience is so much better:

“Websites that don’t incorporate responsive design often appear clunky and disproportionately small. Text may be hard to read and links difficult to click. With responsive design, reading and navigating a site becomes a snap, which instills confidence in potential customers.”

Viewers don’t have to struggle to read text when a website uses responsive design. There’s no need to zoom in or turn their device on it’s side for a better view. The information is presented in a way that’s easy to read and browse.

But will customers actually notice when a business uses responsive design? Those that are educated about web design will, of course, but the average viewer may not think about it. This isn’t exactly bad since this means the website is meeting the viewer’s expectations. When you think about it, we don’t really notice it when a website is well organized and fast. Rather, we remember the ones that are hard to browse, clunky, and slow.

The differences will be clear in a side-by-side comparison or if your business just recently switched to responsive design. But the best news won’t likely come from viewers praising your website; it will probably be from an increase in customer satisfaction, SEO, and hopefully an increase in sales.

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