A problem that owners of WordPress websites often face is spam comments being left on their sites. These comments are often left by automated bots, and usually have absolutely no relationship to the subject matter. Their purpose is usually to link back to the spammer’s website, which can result in more traffic for them. However, these links can hurt your own SEO value. Here are three tips on preventing spam.

Don’t Let Comments Be Auto-Approved

If you let comments be automatically approved, your site will soon become a laughingstock, as the comments section will be full of nonsensical and irrelevant spam comments. So make sure that comments are entered into a moderation queue after they are submitted.

Install an Anti-Spam Plugin

There are many plugins available for WordPress websites that are designed to detect spam comments and prevent them from entering your site. Two very well known and effective plugins are Akismet and WP Spamshield. They both either prevent spam from either entering your site entirely or make sure that it enters the spam folder. The point of these plugins is to save you time from moderating hundreds of spam comments.

Install a Captcha Plugin

Another way to ensure that bots can’t leave comments or your site is by installing a captcha plugin, which requires everyone leaving a comment to fill out a captcha. You don’t want to discourage people from leaving comments by installing a plugin that has very difficult captchas to fill out, so go with the easier plugins. The SI CAPTCHA Plugin adds a very simple captcha to the comment form. The Math Quiz Plugin makes visitors fill out a simple math question, such as 5+3.
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