You’re sure that a blog is a good idea for your business. All your competitors have one and it seems like a good way to receive candid customer comments and to respond to their concern. But you’re not sure if it’s something you can keep up, or whether it will give your business an advantage. Fortunately, you can try out blogging to see how it works for you.

1. Post as a guest on another website. Search for the blog of a company with products and services that complement rather than compete with yours. For example, if you sell vases, a florist blog would be ideal. Make sure the blog allows guest posts that can include links back to your website. Then post a few entries. Include a question and ask readers to answer in comments. The frequency and type of responses you receive should allow you to gauge if the audience responds to your writing. If no one comments on the site, try looking for another blog.

2. Getting good comments? Then it’s time to set up your own stand-alone blog in WordPress or Blogger. You only have to pick a template and answer a few questions. Your blog can be up and running in minutes. Post a few articles that your audience would like to read. Don’t forget to ask for their comments. Then plet your customers know about the new blog and put a link to it in your company website.

3. If you’re blog is proving worthwhile, then it’s time to integrate it into your company website. Doing so keeps readers on your web pages. Integration requires both technical and artistic skills. Otherwise, your blog will not work properly and look pasted on. We can provide those services for you.

For more information about how the Internet can work for you, or if you want us to create a web design for you, please contact us.