Augmented and virtual reality systems are no longer just toys for hobbyists and technology junkies. These systems use technology to stimulate a viewer’s sense and to engage him in a virtual interactive environment to give a firsthand perspective of a three-dimensional object or space without requiring a viewer to physically touch that object r enter that space. Given this capability, it is no surprise that architects, designers, and other real estate professionals are at the forefront of incorporating virtual reality systems into real estate web designs.

The Lowe’s home improvement center was an early adopter of this technology with a product that immerses its clients into a virtual space to show how appliances, cabinets, and other home furnishings will look in a real space after installation. Virtual reality home tours will not fully supplant personal interactions and physical inspections of real estate, but realtors can use virtual reality to give clients virtual tours of houses and apartments before they do any on-site visits. After taking virtual tours, clients can narrow down a list of properties, thus saving both the clients and the realtors substantial amounts of time and energy.

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