While there are many important aspects of an e-commerce business, one of the most important ones is order value, and this is because it determines the actual value of each customer. With a low value, you need a lot of customers to be successful, but a high number requires fewer customers for success.

Fortunately, you can improve order value with professional e-commerce web design.

Provide On-Page Navigation

While a search bar is an effective feature to help people find what they need, this method is usually not as effective as on-page navigation because it directs people to the exact product of their search. However, on-page navigation brings people to pages with multiple products, which entice people to look around.

Display Related Products

On individual product pages, an excellent design feature is to show related products. It is a great way to sell more products as these items are generally useful with the product they are interested in buying.

Showcase Free Shipping

Although it is not an easy thing to promise free shipping, it becomes more realistic when a customer spends enough money on your e-commerce website. When people see that they need to spend a certain amount of money to get free shipping, they will be tempted to add extra items to make it free.

It is crucial to showcase your offer of free shipping to your online visitors.

Include Add-On Items

Related products are ideal because they relate to the product, but you should also incorporate add-on items for certain products when they are available. As an example, a DSLR camera might normally come with a basic kit, but you can include add-on items such as a carrying case, extra lenses, extra batteries, and other camera-related accessories and put them into a simple list for people to choose from.

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