The use of infographics in web design is at a peak right now, even if they might be in danger of being overused. One way to avoid your website users from being annoyed by them is to provide some interactivity with your infographics. It’s possible now thanks to incorporating existing web design techniques and creatively blending them into infographics to add a new dimension.

Overall, when you add some interactive elements here, you’re going to help the information presented be more memorable. It’s all part of the new trend in providing compelling information about your website in much more visual and personally engaging ways.

Take a look at a few things you can incorporate into your infographics that enable users to stay occupied while learning industry-based information.

Entering Information to Get Statistics

You might start seeing more of this interactive method, because it provides different information in the infographic based on what the user enters. By providing entry fields, the user can enter their age, their income, or whatever statistic the infographic calls for to get an interesting statistic in return. Be sure to make that information something unique not found anywhere else, or there won’t be a strong incentive to interact.

Scrolling Effectswith Animation

With parallax scrolling becoming so popular, the technique can be incorporated into infographics as well for some visual candy. However, it doesn’t have to be just parallax scrolling and merely scrolling capability in general. But scrolling shouldn’t go on for long, especially if the content is overly dry. Short scrolling that takes a user to transitions or animations will compel them to keep scrolling down to see what’s in the next section.

Highlighting and Rollovers

Some effective ways to break down information into smaller pieces is to provide highlights or rollover features. By clicking on highlighted features, a separate box or page comes up to give more details on something specific. With rollovers, you don’t have to click at all and just hover over specific graphics to read pop-up factoids. These work well with animation scenarios or use of other graphics to give a bit of a gamification feel.

Using Multiple Pages

While using multipagination might take more time for users, it does give you the ability to rack up more page clicks on your website. With a compelling infographic that requires going to different pages for something specific, your website hits will go up considerably. This technique is recommended for infographics that attempt a huge amount of information on a significant topic.

Here at U22, we’ll work with you to incorporate interactivity into your infographics as part of your overall web design. Located in Costa Rica, we’re known for our quality work that stands alone from typical in-house design teams.

Contact us and we’ll discuss the various options in using interactivity on your website for not only infographics, but in other innovative ways.