landing page

Getting more newsletter subscribers and social media followers involves one simple tool: landing pages. That’s right – if you want your users to subscribe, “like,” or “share” something, a landing page will increase the chances that they do.

A Landing Page Is Not a Home Page

A home page is where users come to find information about you. A landing page, on the other page, is designed as a call-to-action page. For instance, if you want users to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on Facebook, your landing pages will revolve around that. This being said, a landing page is much more potential to create sales leads and increase conversion rates than a home page does.

Now that you know why a landing page is so beneficial, are you ready to learn how to set on up?

Getting Started with Landing Pages

The first thing you want to think about when setting up your landing page is what action you want users to take. Do you want them to give their email address to you or do you want them to share your website on social media? Deciding what this action is will be the starting point for how you design the your page. It will affect how your layout, copy, and even any photography and graphics if you should provide some. The rest of the process is easy: all you have to do is map out a full brainstorm of your page, design it, and implement it.

Something to Consider: Making Multiple Landing Pages

If you want to feel the full benefits of landing pages, you may want to consider making multiple ones for separate categories. Creating multiple instances where users will take an action will increase the likelihood that action will be taken at all. If you own an e-commerce website, for example, you might want to make a landing page for different product types.

Whether you’re starting a new PPC campaign or trying to target a new group of clients, a landing page can certainly help you meet your goals and drive more sales.

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