We hear a lot of different schools of thought concerning web design. For whatever reason, we tend to hear one concern again and again. We’d like to talk about that now and explain why companies shouldn’t worry about it.

Some business owners seem to think that it’s wrong to outsource their web design. A website is a representation of their brand identity, and they feel as if they should be the ones to design it. At the very least, they think that web design should be kept within the company. In their view, it’s OK to hire an in-house employee to design their website, but they’d rather not outsource the task to an agency.

This concern isn’t exclusive to web design. People tend to think this way about many services that get outsourced.

What we want to establish is that outsourcing isn’t synonymous with cheating. You already outsource services in your personal and professional life, so why is it any different with web design?

If you can’t think of a service that you outsource, ask yourself what you do to prepare for April 15. If you’re reading this post about web design, chances are that you’re not an accountant. And if you don’t have a CPA certification or didn’t major in Accounting, you probably don’t do your own taxes.

Instead, you hire someone who understands taxes and laws to do them for you. Even though there’s a lot of personal information there – your finances and purchases – you hire a third-party to do them. Your business may do this as well.

So don’t shy away from outsourcing, you’re most likely not new to it. Web design is another service that is often outsourced because it requires expertise – just like doing taxes. Of course, you can do your taxes on your own, but you might get a letter from the IRS asking for their money.

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