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Navigation is perhaps the most practical element of web design. Your website has to be well-structured so that when consumers visit your site, it’s easy to find their way around. If people can’t find your “about us” or “contact us” links, they’ll just exit out of your website.

This usually isn’t a problem until business redesign their website. When you just make little changes to your content, your links will stay in the same place. But when you completely redesign your website, everything is reorganized and it takes a second for visitors to orient themselves.

There are several ways someone can be confused by a website redesign. Here’s a typical scenario taken from a recent Small Business Trends article:

“Let’s imagine that Steven loves shopping online, and he has some favorite websites he likes to shop from. But one day, he finds that the design of one of these sites has changed. He tries searching for his favorite products, but he cannot find his way through the website easily to locate them. So Steven stops visiting on a regular basis.”

The last thing you want to do is lose loyal customers when you redesign your website. Having a new design that’s suitable for the new year is important, but it doesn’t compare to the loss of revenue you’ll experience.

There’s no simple answer as to how you can provide easy navigation for returning customers. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to make the process easier:

  • Make sure all links lead to existing pages
  • Inform consumers about your redesign through email
  • Have your website audited by a third-party

The last tip suggests bringing in a fresh perspective to make sure your website is easy to navigate. Since you already know where everything is, it’s difficult for you to re-imagine the website for the first time. Instead, you should use a third-party and get their opinion on your site.

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