The holidays can be a very profitable time of the year for many website owners, particularly if you have an ecommerce website. Many businesses will consider some sort of christmas promotion or campaign that can be advertised on their website and/or social media. Holiday marketing campaigns are always a great idea and can be very lucrative when executed properly. With that said, it is also important to understand some simple marketing rules and procedures to ensure that your campaign is not a flop. Here we provide some online marketing ideas for businesses over christmas.

Marketing & Campaign Strategies

A good advertising or promotional campaign can really help your business when showcasing offers, discounts or particular products. However, before plotting anything, it is crucial to understand a few things about web marketing. Firstly, people online have short attention spans when it comes to promotions and adverts. We are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis, and no time of the year is this fact more true than christmas. Keep in mind that your campaign will be competing with a lot of other campaigns out there on the web, so it’s best to remember the rule of thumbs of web marketing. One, people don’t like to read promotional material, so keep the wording of your marketing campaign to an absolute minimum. Main points and that’s it – imagery and interesting videos are the way to go. Two, your campaign should be designed to grab attention almost immediately. If, for example, you have a promotional video, aim to grab viewers attention within the first 2 or 3 seconds. Think about good adverts that have captured your attention on social media – try and follow a similar format. Finally, make sure your content is entertaining and helpful to your potential customers.

Christmas Icons

If you are advertising on your website, then why not go one step further and have your webpage dressed up for the christmas season. Things like christmas-related icons, stock pictures and font can add a festive atmosphere to your website and encourage users to explore the site more. This is definitely something to consider if you are serious about having your website prosper over the holidays. There are thousands of free and paid christmas icons online, so do some shopping around and find some graphics that are right for you and your website. Keep in mind that many free icons are for personal use only and are not intended for commercial use. Be sure to read up on the licence agreements before downloading.


If you have an active blog on your website, then you might want to consider more christmas and holiday related posts (like what we are doing with this blog). Blogs can include any range topics that are christmas related, from favourite holiday traditions to charity donations to showcasing some of your best selling products for christmas. Sky’s the limit regarding content. Also, popular blogs allow you to interact with your customers more, help with SEO, and give visitors the opportunity to explore your website. Ensure that your blogs are entertaining, informative and useful so you can make the most out of them.

Mobile Friendly

If your website is not mobile friendly, then definitely consider making that a present to yourself this year. According to Google, over 55% of online christmas shopping was made on mobiles and tablets in previous years. Any ecommerce website which is not mobile friendly may potentially lose half of its revenue according to these statistics, as customers are less likely to shop on a website that has not been optimized for mobile devices. So if your website is not mobile friendly, be sure to contact us and get this sorted as soon as possible.

If you would like somone help with any of the proposed ideas, then be sure to contact us for assistance.