Senorita Casitas

May has been another busy month for us with regards to new websites in both Costa Rica and beyond. With that said, I am proud to announce the arrival of our latest website for Playa Grande’s vacation property rental company: Señorita Casitas. From one bedroom studio apartments to luxury four-bedroom villas, Señorita Casitas boasts a large range of vacation rentals in the beautiful surroundings of Playa Grande. Beyond just offering up great rental properties, they also offer all their lodgers some detailed information about Playa Grande, a range of additional services including transportation, child care, food and beverage stocking, etc, and a host of fun activities including surf lessons, nature tours, golfing, ziplining, yoga classes, and much more! Señorita Casitas is a must for anyone planning their next vacation to the beautiful coast of Playa Grande.

For more information on options and pricing, then be sure to visit their new website: