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When it comes to web design, small businesses are known to lag behind. Rather than incorporating each new web design trend into their website, many small businesses only periodically update their site.

As web design becomes more intricate and specialized, this becomes less and less of a surprise. Small businesses owners are experts of their industry, their products and services, and managing people. They’re not often known for their web design capabilities.

A recent Forbes article explains why many small businesses don’t have up-to-date websites. The article compares websites to cars and small business owners to car owners:

“Many small businesses are the owners of incredibly ugly and performance-lacking websites. This isn’t necessarily their fault since many simply do not know good design. It’s kind of like a mechanic being shocked that a car owner doesn’t know where camshaft is and what it does.”

The article makes the point that just because you own a car, doesn’t mean that you can identify each part. For any engine-related problem, you have to bring your car to a mechanic.

Web design is no different. Your business has to have a website, but you’re not necessarily expected to know how to design that site. For a professional design, you have to work with a web design agency.

After your website is designed, you’ll learn how to fix little things, like changing and updating content from time to time. But writing new content and learning the components of responsive design are two completely different things.

Just like car owners aren’t expected to identify every single car part, most small business owners don’t know how to design a website. Since your website plays a crucial role in your digital marketing campaign, it’s important that you get your website professionally designed to make a good impression on customers.

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