We all know that content is king. With Google’s recently released Penguin 4.0 update, however, content is more important than ever. How will Penguin 4.0 affect search engine optimization?

Google started releasing Penguin updates a number of years ago to combat unscrupulous SEO tactics. People were gaming the algorithms by employing techniques such as link-building, spamming, and cloaking, otherwise known as black-hat techniques. Since these websites did not offer quality content, Google put out algorithm updates that demoted many of these websites at once. These updates were given a name: Penguin.

However, Penguin was never part of Google’s core algorithm; instead, it was something that came from time to time, something that affected large amounts of websites at once.

Now, however, that has changed. Google Penguin 4.0, the latest Penguin update, is now part of Google’s core algorithm. Updates will not come only once in a while anymore; instead, they will happen in real time, and this means that the more you produce quality content, the higher you will rank. On the other hand, if your website has been demoted because of low-quality content, you do not have to wait for the next update to roll around to fix things — just start producing quality content and the new algorithm changes will kick in.

The new update also is more granular. Google will now focus more on individual URLs, not only on site-wide SEO metrics as it has until now. A page that has a lot of quality content now has a better chance of being ranked, even if the other pages on the website are not as built out.

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