While it has been important for websites to prioritize mobile-friendliness on their website for some time, it has become even more crucial since Google went through with their mobile-friendly update. It is a smart decision to listen to the most popular search engine in the world, and this is exactly why you should focus on excelling with mobile web design to take advantage of a growing mobile user base.

Mobile Design Takes Extra Thought

When you design a website with desktop users in mind, you do not have to worry too much about above-the-fold as for most users, there is usually enough space to show a decent amount of content right away.

However, there is a huge variety in screen size for smartphone users, which is one of the reasons why mobile design takes a lot more thought to create and execute with positive results. For instance, you also need to think about font type, font size, and button size to ensure usability across all mobile devices.

Invest in Professional Assistance

While most amateurs can get away with creating a website on their own, especially if they use a content management system, creating one that provides mobile users with a great experience is quite different.

It is best to get professional assistance to make sure your mobile visitors end up satisfied.

Offer a Full Site Experience

Although most users will want to take advantage of a mobile website experience, there are some mobile users who still prefer to view an entire website, as opposed to a mobile version. It is important to provide these users with the ability to have this kind of experience by offering the full website in the footer.

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