Easy Earning with Unidad22 Referral Program.

If you refer a business to Unidad22 that results in a web design project, you will receive a 10% referral fee. Refer our web design services to someone you know or simply provide us with the name and email address of a person who might be interested. Our project costs usually range from $1000 up to $6000, this means you would earn up to $600 just by sending an email.

The More You Refer the More you Earn.

We will add a percentage point for each additional referral made, up to 15%.


All referral data is logged and tracked. When we are contacted by a new customer we always ask if we were recommended by anyone. We will contact you immediately when we receive a referral.

Get Started!

Add the names and email addresses of people you think would benefit from our service and sit back and start making money.