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We’ve written a lot about the benefits of responsive design. But now, we’d like to talk about how businesses change their website because of it.

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An important aspect of responsive design is that it adapts to screens of all sizes. Now, some websites adapt to screens better than other based on the content they have.

For one, responsive design works great with squares and rectangles. If you’ve noticed a lot of these shapes in web design recently, it’s probably because of responsive design. It’s possible to make rounded shapes work well too, but it’s a bit more difficult.

A recent Econsultancy article talks about how responsive design works better with quadratic shapes:

“Responsive design loves square shapes. They shrink down or automatically rearrange themselves easily when a screen size is altered for a different device. As for round shapes… they’re not quite as amenable.”

As far as redesigning your website design goes, this isn’t really a problem. All you have to do is change a few things around to optimize your website for responsive design.

The real problem is when businesses have a logo that’s not a square. You probably don’t just want to change your company logo because of a new style of web design. But at the same time, getting that logo to scale well on all devices may be tricky.

This is where professional assistance comes in. We can help completely redesign your site and even optimize it for responsive design. We’ll let you know which shapes and pictures can stay and which ones need to go. If we find something important like your brand logo, then we’ll find a way to incorporate it in your site.

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