Outsourcing Web Design

Companies from all over the world have outsourced their web design and web development to U22. Why do companies feel they can trust us to deliver high quality web work on time for their clients?

  • Excellent communication
  • Bilingual work force (English and Spanish)
  • Understanding of international work practices
  • Experienced, talented and enthusiastic staff
  • Experience in dealing with large corporations
  • Thorough planning and on time delivery
  • High Quality individual designs

Why Costa Rica for Web Design?

Costa Rica presents the best value in the global marketplace. Our criteria was to find the best blend of 5 key market dynamics:

Costa Rican Qualified Labor Pool

The labor pool in this market is strong, as evidenced by the high-tech community that has developing here. Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have all entered this market and have rapidly expanded their presence here along with a host of other Technology and Development Companies. The country has the highest education levels in the Central American.

Compatible Culture/Language

The influence of US culture is evident throughout the country, and a large population of fluent English speaking, educated technicians and customer service reps exist in the market. All our staff speak English and Spanish and provide customers with an experience equivalent to a US Web Design agency.


The government of Costa Rica has been an independent democracy for 150 years. Costa Ricans have enjoyed the highest standard of living in the Central American region and as such, the political and social environment is very stable. Costa Rica exists without an Army and Costa Ricans pride themselves on their peaceful nature. Travel throughout the country is safe and is an increasingly popular tourist destination.

Costa Rica Infrastructure

The infrastructure is in place to support a Web Design agency. High-speed Internet access, reliable power and telecommunications infrastructure are established.

Accessibility to US Market

Costa Rica has 2 International Airports which have numerous flights. Travel to Costa Rica is inexpensive and convenient especially when compared to Asian and Indian travel times. Flight time from Miami is less than 3 hours, and less than 4 hours from Texas and 6 hours from California. Time zones are the same as US Central and US Mountain time, which makes for compatible work hours between US companies and a company based here in Costa Rica.

Stability Cultural
to US
USA Good Good Good Good Good Poor
India Mod Poor Poor Good Mod Good
Asia Mod Poor Poor Good Poor Good
Costa Rica Good Good Good Good Good Good