Web design trends keep growing by the day, and some of them become mere fads. A few years ago, the concept of a single-page web design was considered to be just a fad until other companies started doing the same thing. Now, you’re starting to see many more single-page websites and designed in eye-catching ways with easy navigation. It might be the beginning of a new age of simplicity in web design as simplicity starts to become the norm in all technology.

How do you go about designing a single-page website that looks appealing to your audience? The best designs don’t require putting all your information on the same page.

Consolidating Information

When you build a single-page design, you have to convey the most essential first-impression information about what your website is on one page. And that can be a challenge if you have too much information to convey. The best way to tackle it is to provide only the most essential information in simplified form. It’s also a good idea to create a navigation bar that stays in one place so people can easily get to other sections they need to see.

Using unique fonts can help bring an immediate idea of what your brand is. But if you have visuals, the text you provide should be as minimal as possible so other elements stand out. Sometimes all that’s needed is a catchphrase in a unique font to convey the meaning of what your website is all about.

Consider Using Animation for Visual Interest

While many single-page websites use a giant photograph or a color scheme as the full-scale background image, consider placing some animation on the page to make it more interesting. Animation always attracts more curiosity and attention on a website, and a single page will give it central focus rather than on a header.

Having the animation play out in different patterns or as an entire short narrative can help keep people on your website longer to prevent bounces. Even parallax scrolling is starting to be employed into single-page design for a 3D effect. Just make sure that the products you sell align well with the use of animation and parallax scrolling since mismatches of style can confuse people what your brand really is.

Use of Larger Text and Colors

Some people use nothing but text on their single-page design against a colorful background. As mentioned above, it can be just a single quote or essential information people need to know. Emphasizing certain words by placing them in larger fonts is a good creative practice so they stand out the minute people visit there. Having the text in bright colors can also wow audiences in this day and age of hi-def monitors. The advent of high-definition monitors are one reason why single-page designs are starting to flourish.

Single-Page Design for e-Commerce

It’s not quite as easy to promote e-commerce on a single-page design because you have to convey more information. Regardless, it’s still workable with some ingenuity and showing what people need to know in few words or images. A direct link that takes people to your shop alongside quality images of your product can attract more curiosity and attention than over-explaining what your product is.

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