WordPress was first released in 2003, and has been the content management system of choice for millions of businesses for a very long time. In fact, WordPress is currently used by 24% of all websites, including many notable brands such as The Walt Disney Company, TechCrunch, Bloomberg Professional and BBC America. WordPress web design is undeniably the best solution for many businesses.
The name WordPress is synonymous with blogging software. However, it has become one of the most popular content management systems for non-blogging web design as well. We want to share with you some of the amazing benefits of WordPress web design that makes it so popular.

Themes: The use of themes allow you to change the look, feel, and functionality of your WordPress website without affecting your content or adversely impacting the overall health of the website.

Plugins: As of today, there are 45,095 free plugins available. These modules allow users to easily add functionality like improved security, search engine optimization, and social media integration.

Ease: Your business may need a professional web designer for the customized look, feel, and functions you want. However, adding pages and posts is as easy as writing a document in a word processor.

Cost: WordPress, out of the box, is free and open-source. This means your company can use the system and make changes at needed. You are only paying a web designer for customization.

Updates: Since first released, there have been 27 free updates to WordPress including enhancements, bug fixes, and patching security holes. Imagine having to pay a web designer for these improvements.

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