Unidad22 always tries to give back to the community! We are proud to say that we are in continuous contact with local universities about aiding students work experience. Our hope is to have web development and design students from around Guanacaste carry out their professional practise with us. By collaborating with universities, students will be able to gather some much needed experience with a web design company, which will ultimately help them with their studies in the long run.

The objective of Unidad22 is that the students finish their professional practice with us so they will have a running start when facing the labor market after they finish their studies. Additionally, through these processes, our company seeks outstanding students to integrate as future collaborators and employment with Unidad22!

If you are a student in the Guanacaste area and would like to gain some web development experience with our team, then please contact Emer at info@unidad22.com.