Out of all the recent trends in web design, one of the most aesthetically pleasing is the idea of placing large background images on a website’s main page. When seen on a high-def monitor, it adds a beautiful touch to a website and conveys a meaning that can potentially stir emotions. But as with all web design, you have to think about more than just sticking an image there. It has to be an appropriate image that fits your style. Plus, you need to consider the architecture of where you place your menus and other icons around the image.

With the perfect balance, it can help bring an artful renaissance to how websites are starting to look.

The Style of the Image

What type of large image should you use that gets the most attention? Plus, does that image bring an essence to the style of your company or product? Many sites are starting to use scenic shots to leave a breathtaking or awe-inspiring feeling. This can be good for businesses related to nature or something that involves emotion or deeper thinking.

Other sites are using up-close shots of models holding or wearing a particular product. In the latter case, seeing a product you’re selling being used and in high definition can be an advantage in enticing someone to buy it.

A lot of sites are opting to post a large image of the product itself without a model. The display of a mobile product, for instance, can be seen in minute detail so a person can see exactly what they’re going to get once deciding to purchase.

Try employing CSS3 coding to ensure that the full image displays correctly on mobile devices.

The Proper Placing of Fonts

As in flat web design, the use of fonts for text has made a huge comeback. With that trend comes economy in how much text is used. Many sites now use just one simple phrase to encapsulate the essence of their business. It works the same way with large background images.

If you’ve seen any sites using full-screen background images, you may have noticed one simple phrase written across the screen in a memorable font style. In fact, some of them are very short, as in one or a few words. For those who want to take on this style, it’s worth keeping in mind that a short phrase written across a compelling image can potentially create more attention than nearly any other style.

The Proper Placement of Menu Icons

You need to complement your text above with the proper placement of your menu icons. Where you place them is going to make a huge difference in how people respond to your site. The trend seems to lean toward placing the menu up at the top or bottom of the screen with smaller icons so they don’t get in the way of the large background image. Some sites use just one icon below a phrase to take you to another page for immediate exploring.

For a good example, take a look at this page that merely places a “Learn More” icon below the phrase and in the middle of the large-scale image.

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Contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure your use of large images on your site has a perfect architecture that fits your style. This design trend is going to bring a brighter future to websites that need to attract as much attention as they can.