Out of all web design, the problem of scrolling down a long page can still be an issue for viewers of a website. While some companies are electing to create one-page sites with a cleaner, simpler UI, focus on the header might be something to pay more attention to. Some sites are starting to use fixed headers that give a number of different advantages to a website’s look and feel.

Should you use a fixed header? Here’s why you might want to consider it.

Eliminate the “Back to the Top” Icon

A major pain with long scrolling is a user trying to find a way back to the top in a hurry. Most sites now use a “Back to the Top” icon at the bottom of the screen that takes you back up instantly. However, with growing impatience in wanting to gain information quickly, having a fixed header that stays in place as a user scrolls could be an advantage.

The above is especially true when a person takes the time to read all about your business and wants to take immediate action. Rather than try to find the “Back to the Top” icon, they could instantly click a page off your fixed header that stays in place as they scroll.

How Much Info on Your Header Should Stay Fixed?

The title of your business should be a part of your fixed header, as well as all the relevant links that takes someone to other significant pages. Considering that someone may want to take action before reaching the bottom of the page, a “Back to the Top” button wouldn’t be of any use anyway. The fixed header wouldn’t make it necessary to even use the “Top” icon while providing every page a user needs.

Just be sure to make that header easy to read while scrolling. Consider factors like parallax scrolling where certain effects could diminish the clarity of the menu at certain points on the screen. It’s best to keep your fixed header bright and sharp every minute during scrolls. In a way, it can be a beacon for enticing someone to take action sooner before they even start reading.

Here at U22, we can design this format for you if you have something similar in mind. We’ll give you suggestions on what works best and how it best applies to your business.

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