What is Securi?

Securi is an advance plugin that protects websites from malicious malware. In 2017, online security is becoming more and more important for businesses, especially as viruses are becoming as sophisticated as the programs built to keep them out. Securi is there to provide people with peace of mind so they know that their website is, for-the-most-part safe, from cyber hackers.

Securi works by following three simple steps: Protection, Detection, & Response. Firstly, Securi installs the necessary firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that are built to keep attackers out. Once installed, Securi will do constant monitoring to ensure that their is no unusual activity and that your site is not compromised. If a virus is detected, response is quick and their team is available 24/7  to help you deal with the crisis.

It is considered one of the best online protection plugins you can get for your website. Their team are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They also have an impeccable reputation for online security! If you are serious about protecting your online interests and websites, then be sure to download.

If you feel your website might be under attack from a virus or malware, then have Securi scan your site for free using this link: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/. If your website has been hacked, then please contact us immediately for assistance!