WordPress is a free open source content management system (CMS) that powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet. Its enormous popularity isn’t surprising given its user friendliness, and its thousands of themes and plugins that allow you to change your website’s appearance and functionality by clicking a few buttons. The WordPress CMS allows the layperson (non-coder) to create and edit text content, add images, podcasts, and video to any page on a website. You can readily add or delete web pages and blog posts.

The huge selection of themes and plugins is made possible by the WordPress community, which can be thought of as an online economy where many businesses create and sell themes, plugins, and services to the users of this popular CMS.

Building your own WordPress website without coding skills is doable, and many people and small businesses do just this for their websites. Creating your own customized look for branding purposes however, will require the help of a knowledgeable web design firm that can customize themes or create them from scratch. Customized websites from such a service can have any look and feature you desire. Here are four additional reasons for using WordPress:

User Friendly

This was mentioned before, but it’s an important feature that allows you or anyone on your staff, to quickly create new web pages and add content. You aren’t dependent on the specialized services of a webmaster. If you want to make quick, time sensitive announcements, it’s a simple matter of logging into your site’s admin area and typing text and clicking buttons.

Any new web pages you create will have the same look and feel as the rest of your site. However, you can create special types of pages such as menus (for a restaurant website) by using either a plugin or using a new class of pages created by a web developer.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress allows you to format your web page URLs for maximum search engine friendliness. URLs that consist of words rather than unintelligible symbols give the best SEO benefit. You can set up WordPress so that your URLs contain the same words (up to a maximum count) as found in the titles of your web pages. Many plugins are available that provide additional search engine friendly features to your site.

Mobile Friendly

When the consumer’s need for a product or service occurs away from home, he will naturally search for a nearby business (store, restaurant, etc) with his mobile device. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile traffic, he will leave and check other business sites until he finds one that’s easy to view and interact with on his device. Consumers with an immediate need, are your best prospects, so make it easy for them to learn about your business, hours, and location. Doing this within WordPress is simply a matter of choosing a theme that’s mobile responsive.

Easily Modified

If you have the right plugin, you can add any feature or capability by clicking a few buttons. For example, if you need a map and direction page that helps people find your business, there are plugins that install a Google map. You can also embed a Google map manually by copying and pasting code. Doing a search for any plugin in the WordPress plugin directory is easy.

If your business website doesn’t use WordPress, you are missing out on the many benefits enjoyed by its millions of users, including your competitors. To learn more about this, contact us.