With the widespread growth of the smartphone and tablet markets, the importance of mobile design cannot be understated. In the context of online marketing, mobile design will be one of the greatest determinants of your success. Here’s why your business needs to invest in mobile design:

Don’t exclude members of your target audience

Mobile design was once a proactive marketing tactic. The idea was that you could be one of the few businesses that had a functioning mobile site.

All that has changed by now, though. Nowadays, you need mobile design just so you don’t exclude members of your target audience that don’t have desktops.

According to a recent Forbes article, you need to think about the alienating effects of not having mobile design:

“Every customer touch point must be included. Exclude any group, and you’ve just created alienated consumers who will make an extra effort to look elsewhere for product and service. Mobile customers – and that’s getting to be just about everybody who carries a cell phone – want a congruent experience across all channels and devices. Don’t stop until you’ve achieved that goal with your marketers and technical people.”

Provide an optimal user experience

Investing in mobile design isn’t a bad thing, though. You should take the opportunity to create an optimal mobile experience for your website.

The thing to keep in mind is that mobile design is completely different from traditional design. We recommend using responsive design, since you’ll redo your website for both mobile devices and desktops. Since responsive websites adapt to all devices, no matter their screen size, you won’t have to worry about mobile design.

If your business doesn’t have a functioning mobile site by now, then you may be excluding prospective customers. If this is the case, then you should consider switching to responsive design to cater to all users.

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