responsive design - diseño responsivo

When it comes to modern web design, there might be nothing that is more important than having a responsive web site. Sound crazy? There are a few reasons why this statement is more sane than it might first appear.

When commercial web design started to take off in the late 1990s, virtually all browsing was done on desktop computers with monitors of relatively similar size and resolution. Most designers could reliably design to a resolution of 800×600 or 1024×768 and create a pleasing design that would look alright (if not excellent) for the great majority of users.

These conventions largely carried over into the 2000s. The monitors got a little bigger, and the screen resolutions grew just a little bit, but designers, by and large, would find some most-average screen size and design for that. This meant that while the design would look pretty good for most people, there would always be a sizable chunk of users for whom the site would be way out of scale. Mobile phone users would be presented with something that would prove to be very difficult to read and navigate, while users with large, high resolution displays would be left with a design that didn’t take full advantage of the available screen real estate.

Today, the landscape has changed. The internet is now viewed on a wide spectrum of different devices – phones, tablets, televisions, laptops, and desktops – that have wildly different screen sizes and screen resolutions. To design a site for one fixed resolution in this environment is, quite simply, crazy. To do so is to potentially throw away thousands or even millions of visitors.

Luckily, responsive design has allowed modern designers to create one design that adapts to any device on the fly. The same page will rescale itself to look just right on both, say, an iPhone, and a 30-inch desktop display. Visitors will find that the site easier to use, which means that they can spend more time investigating your services and products.

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