Wordpress web design

It may be useful to consider dealing with wordpress websites due to their cost effective and user friendly nature. This appeals to many businesses and organizations all over the world. We at Stoller Co. feel that WordPress has taken the web design experience to a new level, and highly recommend using it. Before diving into one of the best web design formats out there, it may be useful to know what is included and how it works. Here are some questions that will help a user design the site most appropriate for conveying their message and target audience/demographic.

What is a wordpress web design?
This refers to a system governed by the wordpress.com website. A user can utilize their own titled web address via our website. The name wordpress will not show up on the potential company’s website. Designing websites used to be intimidating. Now, wordpress has allowed us to be able to create beautiful web pages just by choosing the desired background and theme.

How do wordpress web designs work?
For designing a webpage on wordpress via stollerco.net, choose a template that sets up how you want the website words to be presented. Some preset templates are more applicable to certain businesses and endeavors. Suggestions are offered for each template. Second, one can fill out there information. This includes adding the ‘about us’ tab, calendars, offers, and anything else desired on the web page. Design is what catches the attention of the viewer. You don’t want to make the theme to a Harley Davidson website all pink. Choose the correct color scheme, background image, and layout that will fit your cause.

Who’s attention are you gaining?
No matter the size of your business, it is necessary to know what the intended product and overall initiative is. This will gauge your target audience. For example, if one was designing a web page for a ballroom dance school, they would be targeting singles and couples ages 32-50. This demographic is more mature and would require a design that matches.

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