Many businesses underestimate how extremely valuable it is to have access to PPC marketing. PPC ads can give any business immediate visibility. The key is to take full advantage of that opportunity.

There are several misconceptions about PPC campaigns because so many marketers:

  • Historically gave no thought to their ad copy,
  • Had no rich, genuinely useful content on their site once the reader arrived,
  • Didn’t have a modern, user-friendly website,
  • Didn’t take advantage of converting keywords, and
  • Didn’t use strategic landing pages

However, if you take these key elements that contribute to search engine optimization success and apply them to your PPC campaign, you will run a better PPC campaign.

How to Go About It
Take a typical 2015 Walmart PPC ad for instance. The PPC ad copy might say something like:
“We feature a great selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, Every Day Low Prices. Save Money, Live Better, Walmart”

Then a click-through would lead the consumer to a general or specific landing page depending on the his or her query. However, imagine that you’re the customer searching for, “general home goods,” and the Walmart PPC ad said something like:
“Walmart. Home goods, appliances, power tools, clothes, consumer electronics, toiletries and groceries.”

Even if you’ve been to Walmart before and know the store has exactly what you need, you might think they’re having a bad fiscal quarter or something; and decide not to waste gas driving there. You might be able to get the home goods you want there, but why would you go? The ad makes it seem like they have no selection for some reason. The ad is disorienting at best.
Unfortunately though, it’s as if businesses feel that buying a PPC ad is all they need to do. They never use their ad copy or landing pages to take strategic advantage of the second best placement available online.

Yes, organic first page search engine placement is ideal, but if you run a dignified PPC campaign, you can see results while you’re waiting your SEO results. Contact us at U22 today, and look good on page one tomorrow!