Your web design plays an important role in your reputation management. If your website gives off bad vibes to visitors, they won’t trust your business. Since all your other digital marketing efforts direct consumers to your website, this could be a major problem.

So what is it about websites that people don’t trust? Is it the content or the on-page elements? Some things are obvious. For example you can bet that if you go crazy on advertisements, people will just click straight away from your website.

A recent Forbes article provides more insight into the topic. According to the article, the overwhelming majority of distrust stems from web design elements:

“The most surprising revelation was that design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. When asked to describe why they mistrusted a website, 94 percent of comments were directly related to web design elements, while only 6 percent referenced specific content. While the study was directed towards health sites, it seems practical that the same basic principles would carry over to other industries.”

So for those of you who invested everything in copywriting, you’ve been warned. Content isn’t the reason why people distrust websites. That has to do with your web design elements.

Here’s where a web design agency comes into play. Web design experts can help build your website from scratch. They’ll make sure that your web design elements are in the right place and won’t give consumers any reason to distrust your business.

Business owners are often so caught up with lead generation that they don’t think about how their website strikes consumers. If there’s anything about your website that seems off-putting, you need to change it immediately. If you don’t, you’re just giving visitors reasons not to buy anything from your business.

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